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All Players and Families of 941,   


With the end of our fall season (though Grey still has one more tournament on Dec 4th/5th), we wanted to reach out with information regarding a number of topics from arm care to Winter/Spring plans to Spring commitments and teams.   

1.       What should be be doing during our 2 month break?      

Arm Care :    Rest your arms, recover from the season.  Especially those that played Babe Ruth in addition to travel ball.     From an Arm care perspective, All Players in the 13-15 yr age group  very important for players that are pitchers as well as those players that are in growth stages.  This is the reason, why here at 941 we set up our schedule to give our players the opportunity to rest and recover.   

Workout /play another sport:    While resting your arm is good,   we don’t want you sitting around the house for the entire 2 mos.    Take advantage of your down period to build back your strength and endurance, whether it be lifting weights,  push ups / Sit ups at home, agilities, running,  playing pick up basketball, football etc.     Be active to get your body ready for the next season.  

Continue to Hit:      After a brief break,  we would suggest,  taking advantage of your time off of school to get your work in at 941, and work on those areas of your swing that you can improve.   For those participating in our winter program, you will have full access to the cages as well as two clinics available to participate in. For those NOT participating in the Winter Program, you have access until the end of November, then your 941 membership will start again on January 15th.

Participate in the 941 Winter Hitting and Defensive Clinics.    

2.       What is included in the $150 Winter Program (due by December 1st)?   

  • Continued Honorary Membership at 941 from now until January 15 when our spring season starts allowing you to reserve cages / machines / bullpens, to hit on your own…or with other team members. Please book online to reserve a cage.

  • 2 Clinics  (One Hitting Clinic to be held at 941 Diamond Academy on Saturday December 11th, 9-11am and one Defensive Clinic at a field TBD on Sunday December 12th, 12-2pm) 

  • (Note:  This is a $235 value).

  • If you are NOT participating in this Winter Program, you may still attend the Clinics for a fee of $50 per Clinic, but you will NOT have your "Members Cage" access to the 941 facility until we start up again on January 15th. You can still book/pay online for reservations as a "Public Cage".

3.       What is the Spring Deposit fee and when is it due?   

The deposit to secure your spot in the spring program is $100 and is due on Dec. 1st.   This will lock you into our program and secure your spot on a team.     


4.       Do we have to tryout for the spring program?  

Current 941 players will not be required to tryout for the spring.  Though we will be having tryouts in December (Sunday December 12th, 9am-11am) to fill any spots vacated by players leaving our program, or those that will be playing high school sports.     


5.       Will the teams remain the same for the Spring season?  


There will be some changes to teams/rosters based on the number of players leaving our program.   As always, it will be our goal to place each player on the team that will be best for his or her development.  But we cannot make final roster decisions until we have a better idea of who is returning, which is why it is imperative to get your deposit and decisions in by Dec 1st.    


6.       Will there be a AAA team for 13U?   


Yes,  we fully expect to field a AA and AAA team at the 13U level,  but again, this will be determined by the players that commit for the Spring season. 


7.     What about 14U levels?


We plan on having two AAA 14U teams and one AA 14U team in the Spring based on player commitments for the Spring season.


8.       When will the Spring season start up?    


The Spring season will begin on Jan 15-16th (Sat/Sun) with a pre-season Mini Camp at a TBD location.


9.       How many tournaments will be play?  

The plan is to  play 5 tournaments in the spring and 4-5 tournaments in the summer.  This will give our boys between 45-75 tournament games this year (depending on the # of games played in each tournament 3-5)  In addition, those players playing Babe Ruth will add on another 40 or so games between the spring and fall.   For a total of 85 – 115 games this year.    Because of this,  It is VITAL, that our players take advantage of our down time and get their rest.  (Off periods:  Nov 18 – Jan 15, April,  July – Aug 15ish)


If you have any questions or concerns, please let Jack and/or Jason know. With the Holiday week, responses my not be immediate due to out of town family plans.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Jack and Jason



Season Finale Recap


With our fall season,  just about  complete (Grey Team has one last tournament on Dec 4), I wanted to give a short recap of our season,  and recognize each team for their accomplishments.    We will be sending out an email by the beginning of next week with our path forward,  December activities... Spring start date,  etc.   

 The Fall 2021 season was our most successful season since beginning the program just last spring. The 2021 Season saw significant improvement and competitiveness amongst all its teams as well as improvement in individual skillsets.    



The primary objective of our 13U fall season is to have our players get acclimated to the larger field.   This typically is a significant adjustment when it comes to wear and tear on the arms and timing when hitting.  Based on the results of the season,  both teams knocked it out of the park.   Indeed it was quite impressive to see both teams play “good baseball” right off of the bat.     

941 Granite  

The Granite team, led by Coach Dave Miller, started out of the gates fast and never let up.    They led 941 Diamond Academy with 12 wins on the season (12-7), won the first Tournament Championship in 941 History,  and racked up a 1st place, 2nd place, and two 3rd place finishes on the season.    They ended their AA Schedule with a points ranking of 4th in the state and 28th Nationally,  and their final power ranking was 9th in the state and 110th nationally. 

941 Silver  

Led by Coach Mike Marquez,  the Silver team also had a successful 2021 fall season, posting the second highest win total, going 9-13 (8-9 in class) while also beating a Majors level team in a 1-0 nail biter against Victus Elite.  In addition to two 3rd place finishes,  941 Silver also brought home the hardware with a Silver  Bracket Championship in their final tournament.  The finishes up with a points ranking of 14th in the state, 57th in the nation, and a power ranking of 50th in the state and 532nd in the country.   



Our 14u program built on the 2021 spring and summer seasons.    With most players in their second year in the program, there were tremendous improvements to be seen.  Legacy 941 players routinely defeated teams that just 8 months earlier had been much more competitive.    The fall season also saw all teams play mostly in open level tournaments and compete against all levels of competition.       

941 Gold 

Competing at the AAA level, 941 Gold held its own, going 3-2 in class while racking up a 6-11 overall record.   Gold finished with a 3rd place and two 5th place finishes on the season.   Overall, they finished 8th in the State, 36th in the country in points, and finished with a power ranking of 9th in the state and 94th in the country.  


941 Green 

Led by Coach Mike Ohlman, 941 Green posted a 6-1 record in class (AA) while finishing 8-11 for the season picking up two wins against AAA opponents.    They also became the 2nd 941 team to post a tournament championship victory, winning the Sunshine Classic against 941 Grey.  941 Green finished the season with a points ranking of: 7th in the state, 51st in nation, and a power ranking of: 6th (state), and 68th Nationally.    

941 Grey 

Led by Coach Jeremy Hensley, 941 Grey has posted 3 wins on the season (a two win improvement over their summer record) with still one tournament to play.   They currently have a 2nd and a 5th place finish.   And currently have a points ranking of 21st (state) and 162nd (nation), and a power ranking of 39th (state), 442 (Nation).    With one tournament left,  we are planning for another 941 Championship Trophy… lets go grey!  


Season Highlights 


  1.  941 Granite  Tournament Championship      (Oct 31st) 

A successful weekend of baseball lead by small ball and execution which led to a gold bracket championship in the Halloween Slug Fest in Plant City FL.  Granite went 4-0 and outscored its opponents 36-17.  Granite made quick work with its Saturday opponents by beating Kangaroo Court 11-1 and FL Impact Baseball 11-6.  Granite executed two safety squeeze plays which led to big innings.  Granite was led by Cole Gibson in a solid pitching performance on Saturday as Gibson pitched a complete game vs Kangaroo Court giving up no earned runs and striking out 5.  Granite finished Saturday 2-0 and ended up as the #2 overall seed in the gold bracket. 

Sunday Granite faced good talent in both games and defeated Under Armor Black 6-5 with a walk off win in the bottom of the 5th.  The game was won with consistent defense and timely hitting.  In the finals Granite faced Willy Mo’s Green Dragon team.  The game was won with execution on defense.  Granite’s defense shut them down and hitting led by Chase Caldwell and Logan Miller allowed Granite to score 8 runs, taking the win 8-5 

Over the weekend Granite stole 22 basses, executed 2 safety squeeze plays, pitched well and found ways to win in securing 941 Diamond Academy's first Tournament Championship.  

  1. 941 Green VS 941 Grey for the tournament Championship  (Nov 7)

In a game for the ages (or at least it felt like ages by the time the day was over), 941 Green took on 941 Grey in the championship game of the Sunshine Classic in Port Charlotte/ Ft. Myers.  With both teams winning two games to play in the championship, and with the Grey team having started their day at 7:30 AM,  both teams were reenergized, once it was determined they would be playing against their fellow 941 Diamond Academians.  It wasn't just a championship on the line, but pride.    Both teams came to play and the fans brought the energy.     On the mound,  Jack LeMin (Grey) squared off against Micah Page (Green) with each going 4 innings while giving up 3 runs.   With the score tied 3-3 in the 5th inning, Micah Page scored the go ahead run on a groundball hit by Matthew Johnson.    With one opportunity left, Greyson Dawes walked, putting the tying run on base before Matthew Johnson retired the final two batters to secure the win and the championship for 941 Green.   On the day, 941 Grey out hit 941 Green 6-4, while 941 Green, played a more sound defense only committing one error to 4 for the grey team.   Offensively, Dylan Wells (2), Mason Ondercin, Collin Lawson, Ayden Baker, and Trace Halback got hits for 941 Grey, while Nate Grandusky, Trey Jones, Jake Landis, and David Johnston recorded hits for Green.  


  1.  941 Silver (AA) 1, Victus Elite (Maj) 0

In a huge victory in bracket play, 941 Silver (AA) upset Victus Elite, a Major's team 1-0 as Hunter Carlson and Jack Peggs combined for a two hit shutout.    After 4 innings, the score remained tied 0-0.  JJ Honish started the 5th inning by drawing a leadoff walk.   After stealing 2nd base,  and advancing on a groundball by NesSmith, Honish was driven in on a hard single to center by Luke Miller to go up 1-0.     With a 1-0 lead,  Jack Peggs entered to close out the game.   He threw two shut out innings to seal the victory.   This 1-0 win was the first win vs a Majors opponent in 941 Diamond Academy's history by any team at any level.   This was a statement game that shows 941 can and will compete with anyone.  


  1. 941 Green vs 941 Gold    (Nov 14)

In yet another 941 vs 941 matchup, bragging rights were on the line as 941 Green, laid claim to the 941 Diamond 14U fall champion  by defeating 941 Gold 6-4 to go 2-0 vs 941 14U opponents.  Despite being outhit 7-2, Green, was able to pull out the victory behind a solid pitching performance by Xavier Tison who went the full 6 innings, and strong defense in clutch situations, while taking advantage of 5 errors by the 941 Gold team.    Braedon Tinker and Matthew Jonson each got a hit for the Green team, while Justin Brock (2), Julian Espejo, Trent Hitchcock, Sam Torres, Jordan Tremblay, and Jett Steinert recorded hits for the Gold team.    Justin Brock led 941 Green's pitching effort giving up 2 hits and 3 runs over 4 innings.   



Weekend Recap


Weekend Results:

Granite   3-1    2nd place finish  13uAA

Silver   1-3  3rd place finish 13U AA 

Gold   1-2   5th place finish   14u Open

Green 1-2  11th place finish  14u Open


941 Granite 13U

Granite went 3-1 over the weekend finishing second, falling 2-1 in the championship game.  Throughout the tournament, 941 Granite allowed only nine total runs in 4 games, as the Granite Sox leaned on their deep pitching staff and solid defense.   941 Granite cruised to a 2-0 record  defeating Naples Storm 7-5 and Cape Coral Blacktips 6-2. Ready to make a run on Sunday, the Granite pitching staff allowed only 2 total runs for the day.   In game 1, Blake Nichols pitched a complete game 1 hitter in a dominant performance against the Cape Coral Blacktips.    The championship game was a dogfight in which Pheonix Bose and Cole Gibson combined for to allow just 2 runs over 7 innings.    Granite played with grit and a never say die attitude in their runner up finish.    Granite continues to prove that with hard work and program buy in, the sky is the limit, as these players are hungry for another shot after competing in their first championship game. 


941 Silver 13U

941 Silver finished in 3rd place this past weekend, playing tough baseball throughout the weekend in which 3 of their 4 games were decided by just 1 run.   After going 0-2 on Saturday, the Silver Sox drew the Naples Storm.  After scoring 4 runs in the first 3 innings, 941 held on for a 4-3 victory behind the pitching of Jack Peggs and Tommy Roberts who allowed just 1 earned run over a combined 6 innings.  In the semifinals, 941  Silver faced eventual tournament champions, the Naturals, losing 3-1 in a well played, hard fought game.    Overall, Silver played solid baseball throughout the weekend and continue to improve.   


941 Gold 14U

941 Gold finished in 5th place on the weekend going 1-2 with both losses coming at the hands of the eventual tournament runner-up.    The Gold Sox started strong on Saturday beating the Manatee stars 6-4, scoring 2 runs late to break the game open.  In the nightcap, 941 faced SWFL Elite Platinum.  With the score 3-2 in a tight game, SWFL scored 4 in the last inning as time ran out in the 5th.    Earning a spot in the Gold bracket, 941 drew a rematch with SWFL.   Behind the pitching of Justin Brock, and Luke Duffy's bat, the Sun Sox held a 2-1 lead going into the 6th inning, before being knocked out of the tournament.     


941 Green 14U

941 Green went 1-1 during Saturday's pool play, losing their opener before rolling to an 8-1 victory over the Coral Blacktips in their second game of the day behind a dominant pitching performance by Xavier Tison (AKA "X").   The Green Sox put their best foot forward with timely hitting and solid defense.   On Sunday,  941 Green lost 6-2 in their first round game giving up 4 runs in the first inning before settling down and playing better baseball.    


Top Performers will be sent out in a later email 


Weekly Practice Schedule


Mon      7-8                941 Diamond Acad                   BP/Bullpen            Silver (granite babe ruth players)

Mon      8-9                941 Diamond Acad                    BP/Bullpen           Grey 

Wed      7-8                941 Diamond Acad                    BP/Bullpen            Gold

Wed      8-9                941 Diamond Acad                    BP/Bullpen            Green 

Thu       7:30 - 8:30   941 Diamond Acad                    BP/Bullpen            Granite 

Fri         5:30 - 6:45   Babe Ruth #3                               Field Practice        Silver

Fri         5:30 - 6:45   Babe Ruth #4                              Field Practice        Green

Fri         6:45- 8:00    Babe Ruth #3                               Field Practice        Granite

Fri         6:45- 8:00    Babe Ruth #4                               Field Practice        Grey               

Fri         6:00 - 7:45   BEE RIDGE #1                               Field Practice        Gold


10/9 Tournament Schedule


10/9   Sat         8:30 AM                Wellfield #1            Eustice Acad             Grey

10/9   Sat        12:30 PM               Wellfield  #1           JSB Elite                     Grey


10/10 Sun        TBD                       Wellfield #TBD        TBD                            Grey 







We are having a few players with arm issues.   Please be aware of overthrowing.   This is especially common for younger players moving up to the larger field and is a reason we limit the number of tournaments played as tournaments are especially hard on pitchers arms.    This coming week we will take some time to discuss proper arm care with many of the players.     


Screenshot 2021-09-20 124836.jpg
Screenshot 2021-09-20 124911.jpg



This Thursday is the last day for Babe Ruth Registration & Tryouts.   As mentioned before we highly recommend participating in this league.   It is especially helpful for our 13U players in adjusting to the big field and getting live game at bats throughout the week.  In addition,  all players (13-15) play together in the fall allowing our 13's to play with many of our 941 14s.   Its a great way to learn the game.   


Registration is from 5:30 - 6:30 PM this Thursday evening with Tryouts following at 6:30 PM    


 September Schedule


9/6   Mon: Grey (7:00 pm) & Green (8:00 pm)  BP & Bullpens

9/7   Tues:  Silver  (7:30 pm)   BP & Bullpens

9/8   Wed:  Gold  (7:30 pm)  BP & Bullpens

9/9   Thu:    Granite  (7:30 pm)  BP & Bullpen

9/9   Thu:  Last Day of Babe Ruth Tryouts  (Reg: 5:30-6:30)  (Tryouts 6:30)

9/10 Fri:   Field Practice: 

              5:45 - 8:00 PM    Babe Ruth Field 3 & 4:   Green / Gold / Granite

              6:00 - 8:00 PM    Wellfield #3:  Silver & Grey (Tentative)  

9/11:  Sat  Tournament:  Green/Gold/Granite

9/12:  Sun.  Tournament:  Green/Gold/Granite

9/12:  3:00 PM  Sunday Workout:  Grey / Silver

9/13   Mon: Grey (7:00 pm) & Green (8:00 pm)  BP & Bullpens

9/14   Tues:  Silver  (7:30 pm)   BP & Bullpens

9/15   Wed:  Gold  (7:30 pm)  BP & Bullpens

9/16   Thu:    Granite  (7:30 pm)  BP & Bullpen

9/17 Fri:   Field Practice: 

              5:45 - 8:00 PM    Babe Ruth Field 3 & 4:   Grey / Gold / Silver

              6:00 - 8:00 PM    Wellfield #3:  Granite & Green (Tentative)

9/18  Sat:  Tournament Silver

9/19  Sun:  Tournament Silver

9/19  Sun:  Sunday Workout  3 pm: Grey/Granite , 4 pm:  Gold/Green 

9/20   Mon: Grey (7:00 pm) & Green (8:00 pm)  BP & Bullpens    NOTE:   BP Schedule may be changed based on the Babe Ruth Schedule)

9/21   Tues:  Silver  (7:30 pm)   BP & Bullpens

9/22   Wed:  Gold  (7:30 pm)  BP & Bullpens

9/23   Thu:    Granite  (7:30 pm)  BP & Bullpen

9/24   Fri:   Field Practice: 

              5:45 - 8:00 PM    Babe Ruth Field 3 & 4:   Silver / Granite / Grey

              6:00 - 8:00 PM    Wellfield #3:  Green & Gold (Intrasquad)

9/25  SAT:  Tournament:   Grey / Granite

9/25  SUN:  Tournament:  Grey / Granite  

2021 DA SS Tourney Schedule.jpg


Practice Schedule 


Monday:   Grey and Green   Batting Practice & Bullpens   7:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Tuesday:  Silver Batting Practice & Bullpens  7:30 PM

Wednesday:  Granite Field Practice    7:00 PM @ Bee Ridge Park

Wednesday:  Gold BP & Bullpens  7:30 PM

Thursday:  Granite Batting Practice & Bullpens 7:30 PM

Friday:  Field Practice  @ Babe Ruth (Tentative)


Grey and Silver      

            5:30PM-6:15  PM  Field 4 Grey

             5:30 PM-6:15 PM: Field 3  Silver

             6:15 - 7:45 PM:  Silver vs Grey Intrasquad  Field 3   (Coach Pitch)


Gold & Green  Show up at 6:00 PM  to stretch & throw

             6:15 - 7:45:  Intrasquad Field 4

             7:45 - 8:15:  Green Field 4

             7:45 - 8:15   Gold Field 3  


Hello All,


We had a great first week of practices, hitting sessions, bullpens, and our first agility/conditioning session. I think all the boys did great (and probably went to bed early last night)! And thanks to you, the parents, for making some adjustments with us.


Quick reminder that we SHOULD be at Babe Ruth Park (fields 3 and 4) starting this Friday night (Jason Page will be getting the time slots out soon). Basic time slots for teams are 5:30-7 or 7-8:30), and one team each week will have a private field practice on Fridays at either Fruitville Park or Bee Ridge Park (team and time TBA weekly).


There will be NO CONDITIONING this coming Sunday for the Labor Day holiday. We will have the normal hitting session that Monday night for those available. Enjoy your family time!!


Florida USSSA Bat Regulations are as follows...

13u bats for tournaments must be stamped with USSSA emblem 1.15 and can be no lighter than a drop 5 (-5). USA bats are permitted.

14u - 18u bats for tournaments must be stamped with BBCOR .50 and can be no lighter than a drop 3 (-3). Wood bats are permitted.


The boys will need to be at a drop 3 bat weight when they enter High School Baseball, so plan accordingly. My suggestion is to get a bat that might be a little too big right now and choke up to control it better. You can always make a bat shorter, but can't make it longer!! And I understand the expenses associated with equipment nowadays.


Some of our 14u parents may want to consider selling their lighter bats to the 13's families. Please contact me or other parents if you are interested in helping out the younger families. We can start a list and post it at the facility if that is easier for everyone to see what's available???


Jeff Willis (Trenton Hitchcock 14u - Gold) has a DeMarini CF 32/-5 for sale: $200

His cell is 941-809-6124 if interested.


Have a great week, stay safe, and we'll see you this week at 941 for hitting and bullpens.




Jack Voigt


2021 DA SS 8-26 upcoming Prac Tourny.jpg

Hello to our 941 Family!


Welcome to the 2021-22 season of 941 Baseball.   We are thrilled to have had so many area players show interest in our program.   Because of the strong showing, we have decided to have three 14s teams & two 13s teams this season.  To coach and develop these teams, we have a total of 12 Coaches and Instructors.  

Deposit to be paid ($100)

If you have not done so already, please bring a check made out to 941 Diamond Academy, LLC to the facility by Wednesday 8/18 this week. This will confirm your place on the team.  

941 Diamond Academy Registration and Reservations

As part of your participation on the 941 Travel Baseball Developmental program, you have a full in season membership at 941 Diamond Academy. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to get extra hitting and pitching sessions as well as discounted private / group lessons with the Diamond Academy instructors. To do this you must register for membership on the website. Please go to 941diamondacademy.com , click on "Log in" and then register with your email address.   

Once registered (this may take a few days to process everyone into the system), if you would like to reserve a cage or pitching area starting Monday 8/23, go to the website, click on "Book online" then select either 30min MEMBERS or 60 min MEMBERS, reserve the cage number and time you would like.   

Note:  DO NOT click on Open Batting Cage or you will be charged. 


941 Diamond Academy Instructors & Coaches

We are excited to announce our 941 Diamond Academy instructors & coaches for the 2021-2022 Season

Jack Voigt, Founder & Owner of 941 Diamond Academy and JVoigt Baseball & Softball: 7-year playing career in Major Leagues and experience as Hitting coach, OF/Baserunning Coordinator with more than 17 years coaching in professional baseball

Jason Page, 941 Travel Director: previous coaching experience at Millsaps College (asst), UMS-Wright Prep School (head), Northwest Rankin HS, Paul VI HS. Played college baseball at UAB.  

David Howard, Infield & Hitting Instructor: 9-year playing career in the Major Leagues and experience as a Hitting coach, scout, and field coordinator for various organizations

Kevin McAvoy, Pitching Coach: 5 years in professional baseball as a pitcher, currently serves as the Atlanta Braves Pitching rehab coordinator

Mike Ohlman, Catching & Hitting Instructor: 10+ years in professional baseball (AAA & 40-man roster) as a catcher. Carolina league batting champ & Player of the Year

Christian Frias, Infield Instructor: Currently serves in the Baltimore Orioles organization as an infield coach 

Kyle Moore, Catching & Hitting Instructor: Currently serves as a Manager in the Orioles MiLB organization.   

Michael Marquez, Coach: currently serves as JV assistant coach at Riverview HS, played post graduate baseball at Inspiration Academy

David Miller, Coach: previously head coach for Sarasota Stingrays 12u travel team  

Michael Rupp, Coach: currently serves as Varsity Head Coach at Bayshore High School, played college baseball at Salem University

Jeremy Hensley, Coach: currently serves as Head Coach for Sarasota Babe Ruth Program and played college baseball at West Virginia Tech and University of Pikeville. Then I joined the Marine Corps.   

Shaun Cumston, Coach:  previously assistant coach for Sarasota Stingrays travel team

Kevin Hanley, Coach: multiple years as a coach with Florida Burn and Venice/Sarasota youth teams   


Upcoming Practice Schedule:

I’d like to begin the season with a two day “mini-camp” this coming Saturday 8/21 & Sunday 8/22, weather permitting.  The location is TBD. Please just let me know if you cannot attend. 

Here is the practice schedule for the first 10 days (and is usually our weekly schedule):  


Date                     Day                       Time                     Location                             Activity                                         Team

8/21/21               Saturday              9:00 - 12:30           TBD                               Mini Camp                                   All

8/22/21               Sunday                 9:00 - 12:30           TBD                               Mini Camp                                  All


8/23/21               Monday                7-8PM / 8-9PM       941                       Batting/Bullpens          Green & Grey(14u)

8/24/21               Tuesday                7:30 - 8:30PM         941                       Batting/Bullpens                     Silver (13u)

8/25/21               Wednesday          7:30 - 8:30PM         941                         Batting/Bullpens                     Gold (14u)

8/26/21              Thursday               7:30 - 8:30PM          941                       Batting/Bullpens                  Granite (13u)

8/27/21              Field Practice        5:30 - 8:00PM          TBD                        Field Practices                                 All 


Practice Locations:

We will use a few different practice locations throughout this season.   Our home base will be 941 Diamond Academy for our weeknight and Sunday workouts.  Our field practices will vary depending upon the time of year based on field availability.   If we get high participation in the Babe Ruth league, that will be our home practice field.  In addition, we will be practicing at Bee Ridge Park, Fruitville Park, and Wellfield in Venice.    



Teams will be formally posted after the upcoming weekend's mini-camp.   

2021 Babe Ruth Fall Season Info:

As mentioned previously, as a travel program, our focus is on developing the players.  There is no better way to do that than playing. Attending tournaments a couple of weekends a month is great for the competition, but comes nowhere close to getting the players the fielding, pitching, and hitting reps that are required to truly develop the players.  We highly recommend (Note: Optional) all players sign up for Babe Ruth if it is possible.   

Sarasota Babe Ruth will host Fall 2021 Baseball registration and tryouts at the Babe Ruth League Complex on South Pompano Ave (behind Fruitville Rd Boys and Girls Club) using the following schedule:

REGISTRATION @ Babe Ruth Complex   South Pompano Ave
SAT 8/28   9 AM-Noon

SAT 9/4    9 AM- Noon

TUE 9/7   5:30-6:30 pm

THU 9/9   5:30-6:30 pm

TRYOUTS @ Babe Ruth Complex (Players MUST BE registered before trying out)
SAT 9/4    10 AM
TUE  9/7    6:30 PM 
THU 9/9     6:30 PM 

Cost:  $155

Birth certificate must be verified for first-time registrants.

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

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