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Here are our current
941 Diamond Academy
Sun Sox teams for Fall 2022-2023

Head Coach: Mike Ohlman
Assistants: Matt Cary
Mark Schuwerk

Rocco Baer
Maxwell Bradley
Chase Caldwell
Aiden Cary
Aidan Hurst
Blake Nichols
Noah Schnuerlein
Blake Schuwerk
RJ Shields
Logan Sirota
Michael Vassalo
Keeran venkat
Stephen Wall


Gold 14U (Majors)

Green 14U AA/AAA

Head Coach: Brian Dole
Assistant: Chris Miller

Shay Boa
Max Bumgarner
Derek DellaVecchia
Brady Kerewich
Jacob McDonald
Isaiah Miller
Miles Otchet
Carter Powell
Tommy Roberts
Riley Shea
Gaelen Simonson
Grant Slegeski

Granite 13U AA/Open

Grey 13U AA

Head Coach: Dave Miller
Assistant: Marc Martoccio


Bleu Bielen
Cole Bienkowski
Grant Falde
Vincent George
Liam Kelch
Louie Leahy
Kolton Matney
Massimo Murdocca
Tymon Pawluczuk
Hayden Shroyer
Jack Underwood
Dalton Willis

Head Coach: Mike Varley
Assistant: TBA

Alejandro Baez
Liam Benoit
Gabriel Carbonell
Mateo Godoy
Alexander Hemmerlein
Jackson Noreika
Jaxon Patek
Caiden Perz
Diego Puente-Marquez
Liam Reilly
Tristan Treadway

Sun Sox Philosophies and Expectations

The 941 Diamond Academy Sun Sox Program was started in the Spring of 2021 by Jack Voigt (Owner/Lead Instructor of 941 Diamond Academy and JVoigt Baseball & Softball),
along with Jason Page, a former High School Head Coach at UMS-Wright Prep School in Mobile, Alabama and Assistant Coach at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. Jason is our main Consultant and Administrator of Operations, Scheduling, and Practices for the entire Sun Sox program.

The focus of our program is to teach the fundamentals of the game using repetitions in practice settings (cages, bullpens, field practices, scrimmages) and game settings/tournaments. We stress being prepared to compete with specific drills and techniques to teach the players to begin to learn who they are as a player, and maximize what their own tool set and abilities are. Not everyone can do everything the same way.
But the best players learn what they need to do to be successful and not worry about what someone else does. This helps to teach confidence and responsibility to do what they need to do to get better. It also creates competition between the players to want to do their best. We also stress respecting the game, good sportsmanship, and how to deal with and learn from the failure that will come with this game.

The Sun Sox program includes each team having in an indoor hitting and bullpen session once a week at 941 Diamond Academy, have a field practice during the week, and play tournaments on selected weekends (USSSA and some Perfect Games). If no tournaments are scheduled, then the teams will come to the 941 Diamond Academy facility on a weekend morning to participate in conditioning and agility drills. This helps with coordination and body control, as well as preparing them for what the High School levels will begin to do in their strength training drills. We strive to prepare all players to be ready and confident to move on and compete at the next levels.

The goals of the Sun Sox Travel Program for 13U players are to get them acclimated and used to competing on the bigger 60/90 fields, and to introduce them to more advanced baseball strategies and what it takes to play at the next level. Fundamentals and solid, consistent, repeatable technique is the basis for this level. Winning is good, but learning what you need to do to win is stressed at this level. It's about being able to retain and repeat consistent play from week to week and game to game.

The goals of the Sun Sox Travel Program for 14U players are to get them ready for, and used to, competing against bigger/stronger players that they will encounter going into High School within the next 8-10 months of their playing career. Advanced plays (bunt plays, pick-offs, reading pitchers, etc.), hitting and pitching philosophies and game plans, and conditioning and agility are all introduced and used in practices and game situations. We want our 14U players ready to compete for a job in High School whether it be the JV or Varsity levels. Fundamentals, consistency, and learning how to win are stressed and expected at this level.
Make the routine plays consistently, and have a competitive AB's.